By 1958, six area telephone exchanges had been purchased by Coleman County Telephone Cooperative, Inc. These exchanges were Trickham, purchased from Mr. and Mrs. HB James,  Hall (Fisk), purchased from Ralph Hall, Valera,  purchased from Mr. and Mrs. HT Crenshaw,  Gouldbusk Free Rural Telephone Company of Gouldbusk, Santa Anna, and Burkett, purchased from VC and Rita Adams. In July of 1954, CCTC applied for and received the first REA loan in the amount of $540,000.00 to be repaid with 2% interest. With the acquisition of this loan, rapid progress was made within the Cooperative. By 1961, all exchanges had cut over to the dial system and by January, 1964, local operators were no longer needed due to switching to unattended operation.

In order to accommodate the rapidly growing membership, new office and plant facilities were constructed in 1964 in Santa Anna. The Santa Anna exchange grew so rapidly that by 1968 all available lines were in use. It then became necessary to install 200 additional lines.

The Cooperative’s tariff, which established all rules and regulations, was ratified and adopted in August 1976. Over the past several years, with the approval of the Public Utility Commission, amendments have been made in order to update the tariff.

A major improvement for CCTC came about in late 1977 with the cut over to  private lines in all exchanges. Today, CCTC serves approximately 1900 subscribers over a 1280 square mile area. CCTC celebrated its 70th anniversary in 2023.

CCTC formed Coleman County Telecommunications, LTD. in 1989, which led to the offerings of new services not only to CCTC members, but also for new customers outside of our membership area. A vital part of CCTC’s continued growth in the telecommunications arena is offering high speed wireless Internet as well as DSL and Fiber to the Home (FTTH) to Coleman County. CCTC was designated as a Smart Rural Community Provider by NTCA in 2020 and remains committed to expanding its FTTH network to all of the rural communities it serves.

George Johnson served as CCTC’s first manager from May, 1954, to February, 1956. He was followed by Allyn Gill who served from March, 1956, to May, 1967. Upon his resignation, Thomas Wristen filled the position until his retirement in June, 1983. Danny Kellar served as manager from June 1983 until January of 1998, and Michael R. Walton served from April of 1998 until August of 2007. Tim Humpert was hired in April of 2008, and currently serves as manager of CCTC.

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Board of Directors

  • Roddy Dean, President
    Santa Anna Exchange North, Director since 2005
    327 CR 103, Santa Anna, TX 76878
  • Denise McDonald, Vice President
    Valera Exchange, Director since 2023
    518 PR 4483, Coleman, TX 76834
  • Shannon Herrod, Secretary
    Santa Anna Exchange South, Director since 2022
    2100 FM 2633, Santa Anna, TX 76878
  • John Vance
    Rockwood Exchange, Director since 2022
    470 County Road 256, Coleman, TX 76834
  • Danny Kellar
    Burkett Exchange, Director since 2016
    5502 CR 411 W, Brownwood, TX 76801
  • Mike Stephenson
    Mozelle Exchange, Director since 2007
    600 CR 304,Gouldbusk, TX 76845

Annual Meeting Info

CCTC’s Annual Meeting is held each April at the Santa Anna Civic Center (armory), located at 303 S. Houston in Santa Anna. Registration and voting begins at 6:00 P.M., followed by the business meeting at 7:00 P.M.

All attending members will receive door prizes as they register, and will also be eligible for other prizes to be awarded during the drawing to be held at the conclusion of the business meeting. Children will also be eligible for special prizes.

The agenda for the meeting includes a report of officers and the annual financial report, along with the presentation of Tom Kingsbery Memorial Scholarships and the election of directors of the Cooperative, and any other necessary business items. Nominees will be announced in the Annual Meeting Notice before the meeting.

CCTC Manager Tim Humpert and the Board of Directors encourage all members to attend the Annual Meeting.


CCTC publishes a direct-mail newsletter twice a year to its members.  Click on the date below to view the publication.

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